About us

About Us

Residential in Munich,
at home all over the world!

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Helmut Krech, CEO and founder of the troupe is born in 1967.
He was back in 1992 at the Bavarian
Bodybuilding Championship, 2nd, and at the German Championship 6th
The Circus blood he has given obviously inherited from his father, who
in international circus and variety shows occurred.

From 1994 to 1999 he toured under the name “Three APOLLO”
(Adiagoacrobatic as golden man) in show business.

Helmut has set up the new show “The German Blues Brothers. “

Since 2002, he will be successful in international productions
Circus, in vaudeville, amusement parks and numerous gala events.

From 2008, the acrobat Guiliana get the 2nd Place of the German Blues Brothers
Since then she brings her artistry to the show.